Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

Having both air conditioning and heating systems that work in your vehicle properly is important for all your daily driving needs. On a warm, sunny, day, sometimes too warm, it's nice to know that your vehicle's air conditioning is blowing out nice and cool air. In the cold winter months that the Northeast is known for, the heater in your vehicle is needed even for a short drive. Our ASE Certified technicians and state of the are equipment will have both system working to the fullest potential. 

The Importance Of Maintained A/C And Heating System

With our regular maintenance and inspection of your A/C and heating systems, both are less likely to breakdown. The systems may break down if they are not serviced, reducing how efficient your A/C and heating systems operate.

Have Your A/C Or Heating System Inspected If You Have Any Of the Following Issues: 
  • A/C blowing hot air or heating system blowing cool air
  • A non-functioning defroster (too long or not at all)
  • Either system not getting cold or hot
  • Any odd smells (dampness, mildew, or mold) coming from the vents
  • Airflow not matching the desired fan setting 

How We Evaluate Your A/C And Heating Systems 
  • Inspecting all parts (belts, seals, hoses, etc.) for any damage or inoperable parts
  • Testing the pressure of a/c and heating systems
  • Ensuring the pressures meet manufactured recommendation amounts

Repairs And Maintenance For A/C And Heating Systems

Air Conditioning
If your air conditioner has not been working as efficiently as it should, bring it to our ASE Certified technicians and we will get the a/c pumping for you again.
As the fan belt maintains a cool environment for your engine, it is important to regularly inspect. Our state of the art equipment and ASE Certified technicians will inspect all belts and if necessary, adjust the current belts or replacing them altogether.

Radiators also help cool the vehicle by moving the engine coolant around the engine block. Your radiator should be serviced regularly and our ASE Certified technicians can handle all your A/C and heating systems maintenance and repairs.

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