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With over 30 years' experience in the Long Island area we are experts with many types of transmissions including: manual, automatic, tiptronic, geartronic, manumatic, all wheel drive, four-wheel, front wheel, and rear wheel. Our ASE Certified technicians know how to diagnose and make required repairs with our state of the art equipment.

Transmission Services We Provide:

Automatic Transmission
As the transmission systems do more of the work in an vehicle with an automatic transmission compared to a manual there are more parts that need to be maintained. An automatic transmission optimizes changing gears based on how the vehicle is driven. Once the car is in drive, there is no need to shift gears or use a clutch pedal, as is required in a manual vehicle.

Manual vehicles as well as an automatic have clutches. The clutch engages and disengages as the gear is shifted, either manually in an automatic or with a clutch pedal in a manual. If you notice anything not shifting correctly in your vehicle, our ASE Certified technicians can inspect your vehicle and make the necessary repairs or replacements for your vehicle.

Four-Wheel Drive Transmission
Four-wheel (4x4) transmission vehicles demand a little more maintenance then other types of transmissions. Specifically, more maintenance is required on the differentials, transfer case and fluids. 

Front-Wheel Drive Transmission
The power of a front-wheel drive transmission comes from the front wheels. The transmissions splits the power to the two front wheels through the axles. Our state of the art facility can take care of all your front-wheel drive transmission vehicles' needs.

Manual Transmission
More interaction with the driver is required for operating a manual transmission vehicle as the gear shift and clutch pedal are both used to change gears. Since it is operated more by the driver and less by the car, manual transmissions, on average, require less repairs and maintenance compared to an automatic transmission. Our expert ASE Certified technicians, exceptional customer service, and state of the art facility can help you with all your transmission services, repairs, and maintenance.

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